MARION OTTMANN                                             - ARCHITECTURE PORTFOLIO -



2011-current:   "Master of Architecture"    ENSA Nantes (France)

2007-2011:       "BSc Architecture"
                         -> French BSc: "licence d'architecture"   ENSAN Nantes (France)
                        "BSc Architecture with second class (upper division) Honours"
                    -> English BScArchitecture ARB/RIBA part I   AVA School / UEL LONDON (UK)

2005-2007:        Medicine studies M1   Université Rennes 2 (France)

2002-2005:       "Scientific A-level with Honors, physics major"
                    Lycée st Paul Vannes (France)

Architecture internships:

2012 March->June:
 part-time intern at "TILT -Alain Bacon-" Nantes
                               -supervise construction work for "Credit Agricole" construction site

2008 Sept->Dec:     half-time intern at "Atelier d'Architecture ANTAK J.P Lecomte" Nantes
                              - scale drawing (elevation/section/plan)
                              - invitation to tender layout for construction companies
                              - agency portfolio layout 

2008 July:              
building worker intern at "I.C.R maconnerie Eco Construction" Surzur
                               - eco-friendly construction basics
                               - stone cutting and stonewall construction
                               - groundwork (concrete and mortar execution)

holiday jobs/volunteering:

2011 July:              councelor for "Telligo" surf camp for teenagers in Vieux-Boucaux
                                 - nurture team work skills
                                 - develop leadership and organisation skills

2010 July->Aug:     kitchen assistant at "Villa Margaux" Fine-dining restaurant in Quiberon
                                 - develop efficiency and organisation skills

2009 Aug:              assistant trip leader for "Nacel" language holiday organization Liverpool 
                                  - practise English language in the UK
                                  - develop leadership and organisation skills

2009 Jan->Feb        
sous-chef at "Les Covagnes" ski resort restaurant in Flaine (Alps)
                                  - develop efficiency and organisation skills

2009 Nov->Dec        
shop assisant at "Credey" design shop in Vannes
                                   - get an otherview of the commercial side of design
                                   - develop efficiency and organisation skills

2004 July                volunteer as a french teacher / councelor in Imady (Madagascar)

2005 July                volunteer as a french teacher in Chiang-Mai and Lampang (Thailand)

language skills:

        - french (native tongue)
        - english (studies in English)
        - spanish (learnt at school)

cumputer skills:

          - very frenquently used:   Autocad, Photoshop, Sketchup, Microsoft Office
          - more or less approched at school:   Illustator, InDesign, 3DS max, Autodesk Revit,
            ArchiCad, V-Ray, Artlantis, Audience CERMA, Rhinoceros


My name is Marion, i am a french architecture student. I hold a bachelor of architecture after having studied in France and England, and i'm currently doing my master degree at ENSA Nantes.
Je m'appelle Marion et je suis une étudiante française en architecture. Après avoir fait ma licence en France et en Angleterre, je suis actuellement en master à L'ENSA de Nantes. - comment créer un site internet